How pass college boy thing


ime passes very quickly, and that's not a thing really good. Basically, we don't have much time to enjoy each period of life, that all things happen in a hurry. I feel like I've said it before, but I'm not afraid to repeat, life is running very fast, I have the impression that time is passing much more quickly since I'm a teenager. Childhood had been harder, more beautiful. Then the days I thought they were long, and every chance I have left in memory. Now, the days pass very quickly and you can hardly enjoy a day at that beautiful childhood.

College boy thing goes extremely quickly and I'm sorry for that. I love this period of life, you learn many things, you do to become an adult, more responsible, more with the head on his shoulders. Over the years I'll remember into the sea every evening with your colleagues in the dorm, every movie or show being watched, but of those surprinderi of the colleagues of the room when they were watching various movies adult. It is odd that we want to get away as quickly as these periods because they are somewhat difficult, and only after I finished these studies sorry for what is happening in these years.

I am lucky that I am part of an association of wonderful people, who together make beautiful projects and develop our staff, otherwise, the college boy thing would be much more boring and devoid of fun. Even if the majority choose the clubs and pubs to have fun, we find other ocupari that make our student life more beautiful, ocupari much more productive and which one to be proud of over the years.

Days pass very quickly and I feel like approaching that period in which I am going to regret these years, I'm going to regret that I did not do more, as I didn't have fun to the maximum capacity.

How do you capitalize every period of life?

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