Mistakes that make you look desperate


There are a few mistakes that will always make you feel disparate. It is a good idea to avoid these mistakes so you will manage to improve the chances to meet with the right woman. Some behavior look disparate and you shouldn`t look desperate when trying to get yourself the perfect woman.

You don`t have to write longer messages than hers. Something a girl too soon can be a huge turnoff. You have to keep your text conversations as long as hers. If you don`t do so, they will be overwhelming. It will also feel that she needs to reply more when texting should be light and fun.

Another thing you shouldn`t do will be to double text her. If you send her a message hour after hour you will only look desperate. You should relax. Maybe she hasn`t time to reply because she is working. Maybe she is hanging with some friends and family. If she was ignoring you, there isn`t a great idea to send her a new message. If you text her again won`t make you more attractive, it will actually be opposite.

Another thing you shouldn`t do will be to ask her if she got your latest message. If a guy asks the girl if she was really busy and that was the reason she doesn`t responded him, than this only shows that he is frustrated and unsecured.

You shouldn`t be showing her with gifts before you`ve gotten to know her. You can`t buy a girls affection with gifts. If you do this, you might end up with a woman that is only attracted to the financial aspect of your life. Also, women will feel pressured or even manipulated if a guy starts buying them things. They see this as a tactic that guys use. If you decide to buy a gift to a girl, you should firstly know if she is romantically interested in you.

You have to know that showing out your feelings without flirting or creating attraction won`t work out. You shouldn`t pretend being an amazing friend. Another thing that you shouldn`t do is to show up at her work or home unannounced. This can be really creepy. A lot of guys do this in order to have an interaction with women. You will only make her uncomfortable and pissed off. It is a better idea to setup a date outside of her work environment. She will certainly like this.

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